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At OOSAIF we are passionate about ensuring that values, and integrity is taught and imbibed by our future generation which is why we have developed programmes that is focused on training and empowering our women and youths. Some of these programmes include skills acquisition for women and youths, tourism, which is a means of education and to broaden their horizon, climate change, lessons in our mother tongue, debates and public speaking for children and youths, values impacting programmes, advocacy, seminars and workshops.

OOSAIF is a United Nations accredited NGO with consultative status (Special Category) among other international affiliations. We are a registered and Incorporated Foundation governed by the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria and adhere strictly to the principles of corporate governance. In order to fully achieve our objectives, we are open to financial supports from all sectors of the economy both local and foreign donors.

Donations can be made to our Foundation by making payments to OOSAIF Account
Bank Name: First Bank Plc, Nigeria
Account: Okogun Odigie Safewomb International Foundation (OOSAIF)
Current Account Number: 2009803349

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Send your donations to

Okogun Odigie Safewomb International Foundation (OOSAIF)
First Bank Plc, Nigeria